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George Germanos knew from an early age that he wanted to work in the finance industry. Watching his parents navigate the complicated Australian taxation system ignited his interest… and he quickly decided that this was knowledge he wanted to gain. During his high school years, he focused on subjects that would lead him down this career path.

I found myself topping maths, computing and business studies… so it was all pointing towards accounting. It definitely reinforced that the finance industry was the right place for me .”

In the years since, George has completed extensive higher education to achieve his goals.

He has a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting. He is an accredited Chartered Accountant, a Fellow of the Tax Institute, a Chartered Tax Advisor and even a Justice of the Peace. He has chaired Chambers of Commerce and is a founding member of various local business associations. His expansive set of qualifications is a reflection of his dedication to continued professional development.

Chartered Accountant

As a Chartered Accountant , George worked for a number of different private accounting practices, gaining valuable experience in mid-tier firms, but he had his sights set on offering something different to his clients.

I wanted to be able to deliver exactly what my clients needed… I felt that working within the structure of the other firms was limiting. I always had to follow a specific set of processes that didn’t necessarily provide the clients with the service I wanted to give them. Plus, I wanted to be able to choose who I worked with… partnering with clients that really needed my help. So, I decided to start something on my own .”

In 2010, he founded Alliance Accounting and immediately realised that he’d made the right decision. George’s forte is supporting clients through the challenges of business accounting . His exceptional knowledge of regulatory compliance and tax strategies helps to bring his clients peace of mind when they come to him with difficult situations.

Some of our best clients are those who come to us in a tricky position… because once we are able to help navigate them through that situation, it’s incredibly rewarding. Many new clients contact Alliance Accounting when they are in a troubling position… and this is where we can really help.

We’ve even had clients who were in liquidation, or on the verge of liquidation. And while it’s upsetting to hear them say it… we know we are doing a good job when they tell us – ‘our accountants never told us that’ – that’s why we are here .”

Team of professionals

George’s strong business leadership has been central to the development of Alliance Accounting. Today, in partnership with Theo Karabetsos , the firm maintains its highly client-focused principles. And with his wife, Karma Germanos, and professional team , Natali Loncar and Peter Yannopoulos, they form an outstanding accounting and business advisory service provider.

I love what we have created; the way the team works together, how we look after our clients. We are reliable, we understand the urgency of tasks, we are proactive and are always keeping our clients up to date with important information. It’s because we really care. I’m really proud of the systems we have in place to support our clients .”

In his downtime, George loves to spend time with his family and enjoys nothing more than getting into the kitchen and creating a delicious family feast.

Meet the rest of the Alliance Accounting team.


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Owner and Principal Tommy Ajaka founded Belle Property Ashfield five years ago.

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We understand exactly what medical professionals need from their accountant and business adviser.


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