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Managing Director & Certified Practising Accountant (CPA)

Theo Karabetsos began his accounting career almost 20 years ago. When he first started studying, he was looking for an opportunity to build a solid future in a valued profession.

He wanted a fulfilling, rewarding career that he could be proud of… and accountancy has become just that.

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and accreditation as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Theo has gained extensive experience working with clients from many different industry sectors.

“Before I joined George at Alliance Accounting, I worked at a Chartered Accountant firm in the city and also managed a firm in North Sydney. But I wanted something more… I’d built a great deal of trust with my clients, so I branched out on my own.

As I grew my own business, I also started working with George on a part time basis… eventually I realised it made sense for us to partner our skills together and take both our businesses to the next level. I became a partner at Alliance Accounting and we haven’t looked back .”

Committed to success

For Theo, every day is about helping clients succeed. Not just in their businesses, but in their personal lives, too. The professional relationship he builds with our clients extends far beyond the day-to-day business accounting services we provide.

When I started in this industry, I was focused on building my career. But that changed over the years and now one of my motivations is helping clients achieve success in all aspects of their life, not just with helping with the taxes – the dollars and cents – but translating that into everyday life and being successful.

Many of our clients have become my friends. There’s a deep trust between us. I’ve developed a close relationship with them, which is important. We have a lot of mutual respect… they know what to expect from us; they know we deliver quality services. They come to us when they are in need, because they know we’ll get the job done .”

The Alliance Accounting family

The team at Alliance Accounting has an exceptional bond and Theo believes it is central to delivering great outcomes for our clients.

We all really care about our clients and want to do the best for them. Together, we are just like a family… my daughters are friends with George’s girls… we spend time with them outside working hours. The culture is a big part of our business.

But it’s also the way we focus on the quality of the work that we produce. What we stand for… our morals, our values. This is what we’ve worked hard to develop over the years .

And people value the work that we do… the trust we have built with our clients. They recognise our integrity; they know that our fee structure is transparent and honest. They can see the results… and it’s just the best when they thank us for it .”

As an avid CrossFit participant, Theo makes sure he finds an hour every day to focus on the physical and let his mind release any stress. Plus, he loves spending time with his family… outings to the beach or the movies keep everyone entertained.

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